For Private Clients

Whether you’re looking for a summer camp for your children or someone to look after your house when you’re abroad or someone to plan your family vacation, or maybe you’ve forgotten to buy a present for your loved one, or looking for a rental, or pondering ways to find a trusted dog sitter? My services offer to help You resolve any of the above concerns and finally take the burden off your shoulders.

I offer a consultation regarding your requests and needs and intend to seek out the absolute best offers and options that are available. Furthermore, I will ensure that everything will comply with your expectations and our set arrangements throughout the entire process. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation where the hotel room you’ve chosen to stay during your holiday doesn’t have the bath you requested or that the seaview you were anticipating is replaced by a view overlooking a rowdy streetbar? Or perhaps you wouldn’t want to waste time on a special occasion worrying about whether the catering service you’ve ordered will be ready to serve on time or whether the performing guest you’ve invited will even find your venue. My services are here to arrange all of the stressful matters for You so You don’t have to worry. Any potential discomfort for You is certainly not uncomfortable for me. 


Travel management is very time consuming and encompasses plenty of research and planning along with arranging flights, rental cars, travel insurance and booking hotels. I will make Your life much easier by salvaging the hours You might spend on planning the perfect trip. 

If you’re looking to find the best local flavours, I will find you the most suitable restaurants. If you want to combine and experience luxury and adventure in one trip I will take these into consideration and plan a trip that highlights both. I will guarantee quality within the booked services and if needed, can act as a travel agent to protect Your rights. 

By implementing my assistance, You can rest assured knowing that every element is organised and thought through so that You can enjoy a well-planned trip carefree.


Although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve been trusted to review official documents ( on behalf of the notary, the lawyer or a third-party). I have also been trusted to communicate directly with the lawyers or any third parties involved.

In these types of situations I make sure that Your interests are represented to their fullest extent while considering confidentiality and ensuring that no details are lost in between the lines.


Are You looking for a new rental flat for a family member, or new house for your family?

I can help You save precious time by managing the below-mentioned tasks:

I offer to work through all databases and keep up communications with real estate agencies.

I will map out the required information and availabilities and make a shortlist in accordance with the criteria which You provide me with.

I will arrange the initial visits to the site/sites of construction and ensure they comply with the set requirements.

I will arrange an on-site visit for the client in conformity with their schedule.

I offer to complete detailed background checks on the property and its owner.


Do You wish to sweep your partner off their feet but have no time to organise a special gift or arrange a romantic evening? Your best bet is to come to me for assistance.

Want to surprise your partner with a grandiose flower bouquet, a memorable dinner or a visit to the theatre? I can also help you out in this case. I offer to order flowers, purchase and deliver theatre tickets or reserve You a table at Your favourite restaurant. 


 A lot of organisation goes into celebrating special occasions and birthdays. In order for the event to run smoothly, someone is needed to confirm and reassure that the rooms or spaces have been booked and prepared in advance and that the guest performer is booked in and ready to go on the day.

Don’t leave the event planning all to yourself and include me in the process too.

I will seek out an appropriate venue or guest performers, keep in touch with the caterers and performers and send out invites. I will also share up-to-date information on the event with the guests and answer any questions or queries. I will aim for everything to run smoothly on the day, as often an on-site event coordinator is all You need to take care of all the intricacies of organising. So sit back and enjoy the party while I manage the course of the event for You. 


If you’re a frequent traveller, it’s essential to have a person whom You can trust with household duties such as watering the flowers, emptying the letterbox, or even keeping an eye on Your teenage son or daughter who stayed behind. Although neighbours or friends may help you out with these duties occasionally, they are not a sustainable source to rely upon each time. You may rest assured knowing that I will look after your household when you’re away, whether it is for a business trip or a casual outing, I’ve got You covered.


If your busy lifestyle inhibits You from being there to care for your parents or grandparents, having a personal assistant may be useful. Parents or grandparents who live alone appreciate being kept company, someone to take them on walks, read books to them, help out with housework, bring groceries and take them to the doctor when needed.  I can help You find a trustworthy carer to help your loved ones at a time when You cannot be there, either due to time constraints or otherwise.

Having a carer for Your loved ones reduces the worries that come along with everyday responsibilities and enhances the quality of time spent with them during your leisure. 


It may be a difficult endeavour to trust a complete stranger into your household as a tutor, maid, babysitter, dog sitter, or any other vital service provider You require for your home. Although trust comes with time, it is crucial to know the background of any new employee you choose to hire. Having an awareness of their work ethic as well as previous work experience is an indispensable component of building up trust in the first place.

I can assist You in finding the most notable employees so that You can save time and effort and be sure that You are surrounded by the right people. I work on inspecting databases, checking criminal records, uploading job offers, interviewing candidates, and asking previous employers for background information on the potential candidates.