My Journey to Becoming a Personal Assistant

I have had many years of experience in handling daily duties, last minute errands and solving emergency situations for my clients (both private and business). I have had a very versatile and stimulating work life that has enriched me in ways that inform my current strengths working as a personal assistant for my clients.

Most of my clients reach out to me after hearing positive reviews about my services from others which I believe marks the inceptive response of trust.  Positive reviews and recommendations provide the potential customer with a sense of client satisfaction guarantee and initiates a productive and principled partnership.

I possess previous experience working in customer service, media agencies, detention centres, retail and travel management.

Like most youths who are just starting out, I began my more serious work experience as a waitress working at different restaurants. Being a waitress deeply established and progressed my knowledge in customer service and communication. I believe that my experience as a waitress instilled my foundation for customer service which supports me throughout my work until this day.

The next valuable experience for me was working as an office manager for a media agency which taught me how to work and collaborate with strong personalities.

At some point in my life, however, I gained an interest in trying out something completely new! Led by this thought, I applied to work as a personnel specialist at the Harku Prison for Women. It was an incredibly enlightening experience as I was able to re-evaluate quite a few components of my personal life that then adapted an even more treasured value. Simultaneously, I acquired knowledge in working for a government organisation, understanding the system of law and its operations.


Working at Marks & Spencer at Rocca Al Mare center and later as a shop manager at Kristiine centre taught me how to multitask and also how to communicate with different people- from varying backgrounds to experiences to ethnicities. This time in my life granted me with an excellent knowledge of time keeping and introduced the confidence needed to stay true to myself and my decisions.

I’m grateful for my very good friend who once introduced me to the industry of tourism which aids me in further expressing my passion for travel. I am active in travel management until this day as my business partner and I own a boutique travel management company named Baltic Luxury. We work primarily on providing our incoming clients with exclusive and luxurious experiences within the Baltics and beyond.

My journey to becoming a personal assistant actually evolved from the needs of the clientele based at Baltic Luxury. A lot of my clients turned to me for further requests and queries that stretched past travel management. For example, I’ve helped organise a private ball for an elite club for years, arranged housewarming parties, and even urgently helped to find a rental apartment.

As a discrete and principled relationship was established between my clients and I, an increasing number of new clients started turning to me for requests. I worked on anything from resolving upcoming questions to support a running business, managing a private event for an exclusive club, or even handling the personal affairs of a private client. From this, the PA Erika Sõstra service emerged, which offers personalised travel management and personal assistant services for private and business clients.

I’m known for my thorough, determined and equitable mindset. These qualities have driven me to participate in charity work. I have been the spokeswoman for a Parent Committee at a school and am currently the village headman of my local village.

I’m married and I have a daughter. My family is my greatest priority, but friends and socialising also take an important position in my life, adding a bit of colour to every day.  I really enjoy communicating with people but I never expect to be liked by everyone I meet. There’s a saying that I live by: “If you try to be liked by everyone, you will always leave at least one person unhappy and that person is Yourself.”